TNG is a New England-area pansexual BDSM group for motivated kinky individuals age 18-35 that is dedicated to education, outreach, and an enriching social environment within the leather community.

a leather pride flag WHO ARE WE?
This group was originally started by some members of the Boston Dungeon Society, now the New England Dungeon Society, who wanted to create a space for young adults: those entering the leather/BDSM scene for the first time, and those already involved in the scene who wish to foster community. We're looking for other kinksters to create a diverse and exciting environment.

a leather pride flag WHAT IS TNG? TNG (The Next Generation) was originally started as an adjunct to the Washington D.C.-area BDSM group, Black Rose. TNGs are being formed in other areas as subsets of larger groups that offer their support (currently, Black Rose and The Eulenspiegel Society have a TNG), and we think Boston should be a part of this exciting movement to continue the leather tradition! TNG members are part of the leather community as a whole: we attend classes, events, and other activities within various leather groups in New England (and elsewhere!). The TNG space is meant to foster peer kinship, safety, education, and outreach to bring interested folks into the scene.

a leather pride flag TNG New Designers' Fashion Show at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket (tm)! We are excited to announce that TNG is again sponsoring the fashion show at the Winter Flea. Click here for more information about entering or attending the event.

There are a limited number of free passes to the FFF for volunteers who help out.

a leather pride flag WHEN AND WHERE DO YOU MEET?
We have monthly meetings at public venues (such as a restaurant or coffeehouse) to make plans and to socialize. Meeting attire is casual/non-fetish. We are currently centered in Boston but welcome members from other areas. We also attend classes and events held by other kink groups, and plan outings around the TNGs' interests. E-mail us for more information - we hope to see you at the next meeting!

a leather pride flag WHY HAVE A TNG?
To provide a peer group for young adults exploring the scene and the kink life/lovestyle, and to reach out to those who might not otherwise discover the scene... To provide a social venue to establish friendships and foster community (many of us only see each other at leather/BDSM events and wanted a social space!)... To share knowledge and learn from established members of the kink community... To benefit the leather community as a whole by ensuring that its younger members learn its traditions and become its future leaders. But most importantly, to have FUN because that's what this lifestyle is all about! For more details about TNG's policy, please click here for our charter

a leather pride flag HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED?
Get in touch with us, attend a meeting, and make your ideas and thoughts heard! We are looking for people willing to assist us with outreach and education, help us plan events, socials, and discussions, and just be an active part of the group. By the way, if you are above the 18-35 age range but are a partner of a TNGer, your partner can act as your sponsor and you are welcome at our events. Anyone interested in hosting discussions, classes, or whatnot is encouraged to contact us (as long as you are over 18) - we'd love to hear from you!

a leather pride flag HEY I WANT A SHIRT! Well then, you can order one here. and while your are there have them make you up a membership card which is good for discounts at various venues.

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