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We put this together as a resource for our members. It is by no means comprehensive, though we tried to include as many New England area leather groups, toy shops, clubs, etc. that we could think of, as well as some web resources we found useful. So, let us know what we missed or if any links are no longer active. Happy surfing!

TNG Groups
New England BDSM Organizations
Other Sexuality/Activist Organizations
Fetish Clubs
Personal Pages
Other Web Resources
Movie List
Fiction Book List
Non-Fiction Book List

Other TNG Groups:
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BR TNG - Washington, D.C. - The first Next Generation group! Black Rose's TNG for adults ages 19-35.

TES - TiNG - New York, NY - The Eulenspiegel Society's TNG group for adults under 35.

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New England BDSM Organizations:
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New England Dungeon Society - NE-DS, a pansexual education & support group. Check their class list regularly.

CUFS Maine - A pansexual BDSM organization in Maine.

The Estate - Slave training

Mob New England - is a social, play, and educational BDSM group for women and transfolk, 21+

MP's Northeast - Men's leather club.

NELA - The New England Leather Alliance (also known as NLA - New England). The group that (among other things) brings us the Fetish Flea Market twice a year.

Pink Pistols - A GLBT / Polyamorous / BDSM shooting organization with a Boston chapter.

United Leatherfolk of CT - Pansexual BDSM group in CT.

WMPE - Western Mass. Power Exchange: a pansexual organization that holds socials and classes.

DarkStoneDS - DarkStone is a mailing list and a social group centered in the mid Connecticut valley of New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Other local sexuality/activist organizations (GLBT/Poly):
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Biversity - Social/activist group for bisexual men and women in Boston. Page has lots of great links. Also check out the Boston Bisexual Women's Network and the Bisexual Resource Center page itself.

Butch Dyke Boy - The Heart of the Transgendered/Genderqueer/Genderfuck/SOFFA/etc. community in Boston.

Family Tree - a group catering to polyamorous individuals; hosts discussion groups and social events.

GLSEN Boston - The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, dedicated to ending homophobia in schools.

IFGE - International Foundation for Gender Education, located in Waltham, MA. Publishes Transgender Tapestry magazine and does lots of support & advocacy work.

Lesbian Avengers - Dykes & Bi, Trans, and Het girls working together to promote the survival and visibility of Queer-ness.

Masters and Slaves Together

Paddleboro - On July 8, 2000, Police raided a private BDSM party. Arrests were made, and your constitutional rights to privacy are questioned. Paddleboro article - Spank you very much

Poly Boston - Local polyamory group. If you are wondering what polyamory is all about, check out the Loving More FAQ and the alt.polyamory FAQ.

Tiffany Club - A support and social group for crossdressers and transgendered folks.

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Clubs with a leather/fetish bent...
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An Tua Nua - Goth-themed club, hosts Ceremony on Monday nights.

Excalibur - A Lifestyle SM/BDSM Professional Organization.

Fetish Factory - Club in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Hellfire Club - New York City's Infamous & Original BDSM Fetish Fantasy Club.

Manray - Goth/fetish club located in Central Square that hosts the biannual B&D Ball, monthly Hell, Ooze, and Wednesday goth nights. Visit website for events and dress code!

Paddles - 250 West 26th St (bet 7th & 8th Ave) 212-629-1854 - Kinky club

Punishment Square Many great professional houses of domination including Pandora's Box, Nutcracker Suite and L'oeil Cache.

Ramrod - Boston's leather bar, also has a dance club downstairs.

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Shopping Resources (toys, apparel, books, etc.)
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Big Head Studio

CuriousCouture - Custom Corsertry Blowfish

Circlet Press - Specializes in very hot sexuality & Sci-Fi fiction.

Divine Interventions - Home of Baby Jesus butt plug and more.

Eros Boutique - Latex & PVC garments, toys, etc.

Folsom Electric

Fun Products

Grand Opening! - Sexuality boutique in Brookline. Terrific book and sex toy selection, also hosts classes.

Gypsy Moon - Sexy apparel with a goth bent, located in Cambridge.

Hubba Hubba - Popular fetish store in Central Square.

Huse - Rupert Huse and Son, very hot tools for controlling people

Leather by Danny - Patented grip-cuffs and more.

Leather Creations

The Leather Rack - They offer a full line of quality leather goods which include jackets, harnesses, restraints, armbands, collars, jocks, cock rings and much more.

Leather Masters

Madame S Leather - Sister of Mr. S Leather

MG Leather - Leather apparel & toys in P-Town.

Miko Exoticwear - Fetish store in Providence, lots of SHOES.

Mr. S Leather

The Other Woman - Contemporary corsetry and boned fashions for men and women.

Pandora and Pendragon - Fetish jewelry and body adornments in sterling and gold.

Purple Passion - 242 West 16th St (bet 7th & 8th) (212) 807-0486 - An Online Catalog of Fetish Fashions in Leather, Latex, PVC, Chain Mail and Patent Leather. Also, Corsets, Books, Magazines, Toys, Boots, Shoes, Accessories and More.

Sea Kap - Adult videos and toys

Snake Pit Leather Works - Handcrafted floggers, cats, whips and other toys.

Stockroom - All the best in sexual technology.

Surrender - Metal clothing.

Toys of Eros - Sexy store in P-Town.

Xanadu Creations - Exotic, erotic nipple clamps.

Xcentricities - corsetry, clothing, metalwork and erotica.

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Personal webpages:
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DeLano N. Distress and his new site Rope Sluts - A fabulous NYC rope enthusiast.

Lady Sierra - Lifestyle domina from Connecticut

Domina Skye - Lifestyle domina from New York City

Master Steelow - Master Steelow keeping informed on New York City's Fetish, Industrial scene.

Stormcat - Stormcat's Slave Training

Cecilia Tan - One of our local heros. Lots of interesting articles, essays, and such on this site.

Domina Z - Lifestyle domina from Connecticut

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Other Resources on the Web:
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DJpet - Boston local scene DJ

Alt.com - BDSM/Alternative Lifestyle Personals

The Bondage Directory - Many links

Boston Phoenix - Adult personals

Kink-Aware Professionals - Non-profit service that provides referrals to medical, psychotherapeutic, and legal professionals who are knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles.

Knots for Everyone - Rope links.

Leather Dyke - A website about leatherdykes.

The Society for Human Sexuality - Quite possibly the most comprehensive collection of articles about sex on the Web. Lots of information on BDSM, too.

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Movie List:
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Thanks to Max for putting this list together.

9 1/2 Weeks
Batman Returns
Belle Du Jour (French, Deneuve)
Body of Evidence
Bondage House (Japanese)
The Bondage Master (Japanese)
The Cell
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (Hong Kong)
The Crow, City of Angels
Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola)
Exit to Eden
Interview With the Vampire
Ilsa, Shewolf of the SS (SLEAZIEST title on this list)
The Life and Death of Bob Flannigan
Maitresse (French)
The New Age
The Nightcomers
The Night Porter ("Strictly for students of the
sleazy." - Leonard Maltin)
Pit and the Pendulum (Spanish film, NOT the Vincent Price movie)
Pulp Fiction
The Realm of the Senses
Seduction: The Cruel Woman (French)
Story of O
Tokyo Decadence (Japanese)

Anime (Hentai) List:

Cutey Honey
Erotic Torture Chamber
La Blue Girl
MiyukiChan in Wonderland
Professor Pain

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Fiction Book List:
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This list was created during a discussion group in July, 2001 and written up thanks to Honey.

Good ol' kinky fiction:

9 1/2 Weeks - (unsure on author)
Deep South - (unsure on author)
The Marketplace - (plus sequels) by Laura Antoniou
Peach Slices - by Donna Barr
Bits & Pieces - by Donna Barr
Doing it for Daddy - editor Pat Califia
No Mercy - by Pat Califia
Edgewords - by MOB
The Leather Daddy and the Femme - by Carol Queen
Story of O - by Pauline Reage
The Beauty books by Anne Rice
Exit to Eden - by Anne Rice
The Velderest - by Cecilia Tan

Books that are primarily regular fiction but have some kinky elements in them:

Unbearable Lightness of Being - by Milan Kundera
Switch Hitters - ed Carol Queen and Lawrence Schmiel
Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica - ed Tristan Taormino
Tipping the Velvet - by Sarah Waters
the Gor series

Books that we like that are principally non-fiction but have scenes we like in them:

The Strap-On Book - (unsure on author)
Flogging - by Joseph Bean
Safe, Sane, Consensual, and Fun - by John Warren
SM: a Guide for Adventurous Couples - by Pat Califia

Other resources we discussed:

Circlet Press (moderately work safe, no pics)
Akasha Web (not work safe)
Paramour magazine

(1) Special note: this means that some of these books, we brought up because we didn't like them. So get a second opinion.

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Non-Fiction Book List:
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This list was created during a discussion group in July, 2001 and written up thanks to Honey.

101 Kinky Crafts published by greenery press
(The many who had read it couldn't remember the author's name, but thought it was great. Do-it-yourself SM toys with safety tips.)

Trust the Handbook (author and publisher unknown)
(Those who had read this book on anal fisting thought it was fabulous, and emphasized a positive attitude towads the activity as well as dealing with physiology and safety issues in depth.)

A Hand in the Bush by Deborah Addington
(This book about vaginal fisting was lauded with the same praise given Trust the Handbook. It was proposed that some of Addington's ideas had been lifted from that very source.)

Flogging by Joseph Bean
(Read by one of our number, this was proposed as a good alternative to SM 101. It presents four scenes and gives a detailed analysis of each. It was admired for its flogging technique descriptions and scene construction.)

Lesbian SM Safety Manual by Pat Califia
(Read by one member of the group, this book deals well with the concepts of risk assesment and edge play. Will tell you the safest ways to do things that other books won't even discuss.)

Public Sex by Pat Califia
(This book was described as very controversial and thought-provoking by those who had read it. They liked it, but found some of Califia's ideas disturbing.)

SM: Sensual Magic by Pat Califia
(Read by one of our number, this book was not seen as a good "first book," which it purports to be, because of the lack of safety information found in it. Other members of the group explained that this is partly due to Califia being an Old Guard writer, and that personal one- on-one training was the norm in those days.)

The Second Coming and Coming to Power by Pat Califia and Robin Sweeney
(Those who had read these books described them as dealing with historical aspects of women's BDSM community, and thought they were good.)

Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual by Drew Campbell writing as Christina Abernathy, gp
(Those who had read this book really liked it. They cited nifty cultural references, and that this seems to be one of the only how-to's about Ds relationships rather than SM in general.)

Training with Miss Abernathy (ibid)
(One member of the discussion had read this book. It's primarily intended for slaves, while the other book is primarily intended for dominants. The reader liked it a lot for its practicality. Explains everything from different kinds of slaves to how to cook a good meal for your owner.)

The Bride Wore Black Leather: Etiquette for the Rest of Us by Drew Campbell
(This was the book everyone wanted to borrow. I was the one who had read it. It's awesome. Read it. Manners for situations Emily Post never had to contemplate.)

The Ethical Slut by Catherine Easton and Dossie Liszt
(Almost everyone had read this book. Most liked it. Some felt it was too optimistic. All agreed that it had value as the only how-to polyamory book we know of currently.)

The Topping Book by Catherine Easton and Dossie Liszt
(Those who had read it, liked it. The authors definitely understand the idea of dominant masochists, which many other books didn't address. The book also went into some of the spirituality and theory of SM, and we liked that. A good second book, we thought.)

The Sexually Dominant Woman: a workbook for nervous beginners by Lady Green
(One of our number had read this book, and felt that it was patronizing and far too basic. The feeling was that this book was written for an older, less confident generation of women, who needed to be reassured that it was okay for them to be in control.)

To Love, Honor, and Serve by Vi Johnson (sp?)
(Read by one member of the discussion, this is a factual account of a woman's experiences as a submissive in the NY scene. Very good.)

The Loving Dominant by John Warren
(Those who had read it weren't that nuts about it. They felt that Warren was overly critical of people who did SM but not DS, and didn't give any air time to the concept of switching.)

Safe, Sane, Consensual and Fun by John Warren
(Those who had read this book liked it. It's plots of scenes, with "ingredient lists" and safety tips including. The readers felt it gives you a good idea of how to construct a scene, as well as inspiring ideas and good smut.)

SM 101 by Jay Wiseman
(Talk about controversial! This book got very mixed reviews. Most agreed that Wiseman goes a little overboard on safety, but some felt that that was a good thing since it was intended as a beginner's book. Wiseman's knot recommendations were roundly criticized. The chief complaint overall seemed to be that the author didn't allow for the possibilities of anything more extreme than he specifically dealt with. Ie, he says he won't talk about suspension because it's beyond the scope of the book, but doesn't talk about any knots that would be suitable for suspension purposes.)

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