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These are the current guidelines for the Local Boston Area Chapter of TNG. Please respect them. Thanks!

1) TNG is demographically geared for folks who are aged 18-35, and involved, or interested in being involved with BDSM/kink/fetish/leather, etc.

2) Those who are affiliated with TNG (having either strong friendships with members, or TNG members who have surpassed the age limit) will be referred to as TNG Alumni.

3) All discussion groups, E-mail list and otherwise, as well as TNG initiated non-play events/ meetings/etc are open to both TNG folk, and TNG Alumni.

4) TNG member-initiated BDSM 'play events' are open to TNG folk, and TNG Alumni who are accompanied by a TNGer. Some TNG events will use the stricter possible interpretations. Please respect this when this is the case. (This is ALWAYS at the discretion of the organizer/host of an event. Please respect the organizer's choices.)

5) TNG is respectful of all sexual orientations, gender presentations, ages, and individual kinks.

6) TNG was not created to cause any hard feelings in the community. TNG was created to allow a 'birthing place' for young BDSMers, where they can grow amongst peers, while establishing strong roots into the greater BDSM community. Most current TNG members are involved with the greater leather community at some level but desire a social/support space for younger people.

7) Traffic on the E-mail list. Since E-mail is the primary way of conducting this group, respect is required. Threats, or distinctly inappropriate, or slanderous behaviors will not be tolerated. List Administrators will remove problematic folks from the list. If removed, one may petition to return on the list, in which case a survey from zoomerang or coolsurveys (or other online survey polling places) will be used to poll the list, to make a decision.

8) The BIG rule of TNG is; Be Respectful, of group guidelines, individual feelings, property (human and non-human), ages, kinks, and persuasions. Despite the debate, all play is done under the auspice of Safe, Sane, and Consensual. If you believe in a play situation that someone is not meeting these guidelines, please consult the host or Dungeon Master (DM).

For Further Etiquette please read:


a leather pride flag blank Boston-TNG Charter blank a leather pride flag

1. You must be 18 years old or older to be on this list.

2. When you sign up on the list, please wait a while before making your first post to get a sense of the atmosphere on the list. When you make your first post, consider including a brief introduction of yourself.

3. Please try to keep posts on-topic.

4. Because many of us check TNG email during office hours, please keep all subject lines work-safe (vanilla) and if you include website links in your email, please mark them as work-safe or not as appropriate.

5. Do not post anyone else's personal information; this includes name, address, phone number, employer, alternate email addresses, significant others, etc.

6. Do not exchange personal information on the list, or at least be aware that the posts are read by over 100 people, most of whom you have not met. Post wisely.

7. Remember that this is a public list. Do not put anything that you would not want your grandmother, your employer or the Attleboro police to see. That's why we have scene names.

8. Be aware that when you hit REPLY, you are replying to the whole list and NOT only the person whose post you are replying to! Save yourself some embarrassment by double-checking your headers before you hit send.

9. Observe good email "hygiene" whenever possible:
  • If you are responding to prior posts, please try to snip the old text or delete earlier posts, otherwise the email threads get quite long!
  • Make good use of the subject lines! Alter them as appropriate as topics change, so people can see what you are talking about.
  • As a courtesy to other members with text-only email formats, please disable HTML (use plain text) and do not include graphics. Minimize use of large/complex signature files.
  • Because of virus concerns, attachments are forbidden. You may include links to websites.
10. In order to create a community based upon respect, no personal attacks on members ("flaming") will be tolerated.